House of Enlightenedhood
House of Enlightenedhood
Leena Lemos

Return to your roots.

Join our spiritual village and meet your soul family.

We're a heart-centered community building a new paradigm of spirituality.

There’s a version of spirituality crafted by capitalism, decorated in shiny crystals and perpetuated by Instagram influencers. And there’s a version of spirituality that our ancestors practiced that fostered greater understanding to one’s own heart and connection to the earth and stars.

House of Enlightenedhood is a spiritual cooperative building the New Earth through supportive containers for spiritual exploration, healing, and growth. We're on a mission to reclaim spirituality in love and bring it back to what it was meant to be about all along – our innate connection with the Divine.

Spirituality is your birthright and should always be accessible. Joining our community is free with the option to take part in a wide variety of classes, workshops and events.

We believe...

  • Spirituality is not a commercial industry, nor is it meant to be institutionalized. We seek to distance spirituality from patriarchal, supremacist and capitalist ideologies.
  • We must honor the ancient cultures and lineages of wisdom, teachings and practices in forms that are not diluted, altered or whitewashed to appeal to a Western market. We must return to the wisdom of our hearts.
  • All boats rise together. We are the generation that gets to break the cycle. No separation. No competition. No more big business in our spiritual experience. Our light shines brighter together. We are stronger in loving cooperation rather than in competition.
  • Every soul has a right to their own journey and experiences. We take responsibility for our own choices without seeking to dominate and control others or the dominant narrative.
  • Embodied allyship does not seek to perform.
  • Dimensional hierarchy is part of the illusion. Higher dimensions are not superior to lower dimensions. The Astral Realm is not superior to the Earth plane. The Upper Chakras are not superior to the Lower Chakras. Archangels and Galactic families are not superior to beings in the physical plane.
  • Restfulness is our natural state of being.
  • We cannot spiritually bypass pain and suffering by blindly focusing on just love and light. We must honor the realities of our world with compassion.
  • We humans are beings that sit AMONG, not above, other beings.
  • We each have a responsibility to heal our wounds as well as the wounds of the Land. We acknowledge the First Nations of these lands. We acknowledge that many of us are settlers that have been disconnected from the Land of our Ancestors.

The Cooperative Spirit

House of Enlightenedhood embodies the spirit of a cooperative through our co-created environment from a team of Light Leaders that values collective wisdom, healing, and education.

Community-based organizations are the future and our bridge to the New Earth. Our mission is to divest from big business platforms and narratives and reinvest within our community.

For more information on how to become a cooperative member and a leader in our community, click here.

Inside our community you will find:

A safe and place off of social media (with all the same tools) to explore your spirituality.

No trolling, politics, or hate speech.

An ever-growing resource library of spiritual how-to's, rituals, ceremonies, meditations, workshops, and teachings.

A heart-centered, wisdom-focused global community of like-minded souls.

Free and exclusive events and workshops.

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