House of Enlightenedhood
House of Enlightenedhood

Come home to your soul.

Join our spiritual village and meet your soul family.

Enlightenedhood (n.): The stage of your soul's journey when you come home to yourself and remember who you truly are.

Your humanity is divine. That’s why we built a house for us all to walk this path of Enlightenedhood together to explore ourselves, heal our mind, body, and spirit, and find our soul families. We’re passionate about cultivating virtual and in-person spaces that allow every soul to feel seen and held so that we can build a New Earth with more self-aware, compassionate, magical, and joyful humans for generations to come. It’s time for us all to rise, together.


Spirituality is our birthright and this is a movement. As builders of the New Earth, we are creating safe spaces to heal, find support, and explore your soul. We believe in a spirituality that does not separate but unites. One that holds us accountable for the highest truths of love, compassion, appreciation, justice, and equality.

Inside our community you will find:

  • A safe place off of social media (with all the same tools) to explore your spirituality.
  • No trolling, politics, or hate speech.
  • An ever-growing resource library of spiritual how-to's, rituals, ceremonies, meditations, workshops, and teachings.
  • Sacred Spaces to nourish every facet of your soul
  • A heart-centered, wisdom-focused global community of like-minded souls.
  • Free and exclusive events and workshops.
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